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With the increasing interest in Turkish language and culture, teaching Turkish to foreigners has become an important and developing branch of science. Our country has begun to have an important role in the world, our rich cultural presence and the presence of large Turkish-speaking communities throughout the world are taking this interest forward. It is among the aims of our higher education institutions to respond to this need with modern and scientific methods. In order to fulfill our part in this important mission, Istanbul Medeniyet University Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center (IMU TÖMER) is organizing a certificate program with a team of academicians specialized in teaching Turkish to foreigners for many years.

Contributions of the program:

1. To gain competence in language teaching,

2. Learn the modern techniques and methods related to the field both theoretical and practical during the program

3. To find the opportunity to apply the learned theoretical knowledge in the ongoing classes in Turkish teaching.

4. To be able to document your knowledge and experience in teaching Turkish to foreigners in domestic and foreign institutions,

5. To interact with students from different cultures.

Who Can Apply?:

  • Senior students and graduates of the Language and Literature Departments.

Contents of the program:

The program will take place online between 25 January - 19 February 2021.

The certificate program consists of 120 hours of theoretical and practical education.

(45 hours theory, 20 practice, 25 monitoring, 30 material design)

*All of the theoretical and practical courses will be schooling by distance education, and the certification exam will also be held online.

Fees and Payment Information:

  1. The program fee is 800 TL.
  2. Title:       İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi Türkçe Öğretimi Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi Müdürlüğü Döner Sermaye İşletmesi
  3. Bank:                       T.C. ZİRAAT BANKASI
  4. Branch:                      ÇEMENZAR ŞUBESİ
  5. IBAN:                       TR72 0001 0009 0063 6306 7950 53

As for the explanation partTÖMER 2021 SERTİFİKA 1and Name-Surname must be written.

**Istanbul Medeniyet University Turkish Language Teaching and Research Center (IMU TÖMER) has the right to make changes in the program. There should be minimum 30 participants to launch the program.


  1. Application and Registration          : 17 December 2020 - 25 January 2021
  2. Course Beginning                           : 25 January 2021
  3. Exam                                               : 19 February 2021
  4. Certificate Presenting                     : 22 February 2021

Documents for registration:

1. A photocopy of diplomas for graduates, student certificate for students

2. Photocopy of identity card/ Passport

3. 1 Photos

4. Application Form

For the registration, you should send an e-mail including these documents to tomer@medeniyet.edu.tr


Seval Çilem AŞKIN                   Telephone: 0216 280 2335                          

Yusuf Hami BALCI                   Telephone: 0216 280 2336


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